Do you want to see Linux support for more ATSC tuner products?

Here's a way for *you* to help out...

For the last year or so, I have been adding Linux support for various products. These have included the following:
In addition to adding support for specific devices, I also do a good bit of work on the framework and specific chipsets (such as the em28xx, xc5000, au0828, au8522, saa7136, and dib0700), as well as contributing ATSC support to the Kaffeine Media Player.

All of my work is open source and has been merged into the Linux mainline kernel so that users of all Linux distributions will benefit.

I also deal regularly with people on the linux-media mailing list and in the #linuxtv and #v4l chatrooms, sending patches to them for other devices and eventually getting their devices to work as well. But dealing with users remotely is an *extremely* laborious task compared to just having the hardware. There have been many cases where I've had to say "Well, I can get this device working in one evening if I had only one to test/debug with in my environment".

As a result, I've spent several hundred dollars in the last year, buying devices just so I can make them work in Linux. Even when the devices only cost around $50, this adds up quickly for a single developer...

Do you want to support LinuxTV development but you're not a developer?
Do you want to see your ATSC device work under Linux but you don't know how to do it yourself?
Then you can help out by donating to "Devin's LinuxTV Support fund!"


Q: Where does the money go?
A: The money will be used strictly for the purchase of ATSC devices so I can make them work under Linux. It's also to recover some of the costs incurred buying tools/equipment to make the tuners work. This isn't for ski trips and vacations. It's not compensation for my labor. It's a budget so I don't have to spend my own money buying devices I don't personally need for any reason other than to make them work under Linux.

Q: How do I know you won't just take the money and run off to a tropical island?
A: Well, I guess you'll just have to take my word for it. If you don't trust me based on the work I've already done, then don't donate.

Q: I have one of the devices in the above list and it works great under Linux. How can I express my thanks?
A: Throw five bucks in the tip jar - You just dropped $50-$100 on a tuner - is an extra five bucks too much to ask for Linux support?

Q: Is my donation tax deductable?
A: I not an expert in tax law, but since I don't have a non-profit corporation I would guess the answer would be "no". If you're looking for a tax deduction - the ASPCA would love your donation!

Q: I'll leave a tip, but I want you make *my* product work under Linux
A: Certainly, feel free to tell me which product you are interested in when making your donation, but I can't make any promises. I can tell you though that it is my desire to work on what I believe are the most popular products, so many people telling me they are interested in a particular product will increase the likelihood that I will work on that product.

Q: I don't want to donate money but I own some product I want to see working under Linux. Is there anything I can do to help?
A: Well, if you live in the United States and you're willing to ship me the product for a couple of weeks so I can add support, I can do the work and ship you back the product once I'm done. How feasible this is in many cases depends on what chipsets the device includes. Email me if you're interested.

Q: Sounds great, where do I donate?
A: Click the button below!